Welcome to Galileo API’s documentation!


This SDK provides an API and command line interface to interact with Galileo.


  1. Navigate to the directory you want to write your Galileo programs.

  2. Run the command pip install galileo-sdk within a Python virtual environment.

Using the command line interface (CLI)

  1. In order to use the CLI, you must have a running instance of the Galileo daemon in a virtual environment.

  2. While you’re in a second terminal with a virtual environment, invoke the CLI by running the command galileo-cli. The CLI must be running on the same host and port as the Galileo daemon. Use the galileo certificate file that has seen generated after running the Galileo daemon for the –cert option.

Custom scripts

  1. Before running your script, make sure the Galileo daemon is running. The CLI should also be running if you do not use the API.login() function in your script. Alternatively, you can run the Galileo desktop app while .

  2. To write your scripts using the Galileo API, put from galileo.api import API at the beginning of your script. Examples of scripts are included under the examples folder.

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